on March 20, 2017

Acts 9:36-42

In high school, classmates wanted to know my middle name. I would say, “It’s in the Bible” or “It’s Greek for Tabitha.” Truth is, I was embarrassed as it often led to snickering and name calling. I was determined, once 18, I would legally change my name to Tabitha.

That would have broken my father’s heart because I was named after his mother, who died when he was quite young. I did not change my name.

I know Dorcas’s story by heart. When I tell it, I picture her mending worn clothes and teaching others. I see delight in her eyes whenever she saw someone wearing a garment she made.

I think the Dorcas of scripture was reflected in the person my grandmother would have been—caring, generous, patient and never idle. She lives on in my father; he shares those characteristics.

I am grateful for my name, for the women who carried it before me.

While I am not gifted in sewing, I pray I may live up to my namesake in acts of compassion, generosity and love.

Susan Wilson, Erin.

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