Easter as I see it – Easter according to me

 on April 3, 2019

Claire Christoff 

Claire Christoff  Photo: Craig Fairley

When the word Easter is spoken, it has common associations, such as being dark, solemn, even brooding.  A time where we worship through the death of Christ, and the heartache that was brought to his followers and family.  

But to me, Easter is much more than that.

When I think about Easter, the words “light”, “rejoice” and “new life” come to mind.  My experiences with Easter have been enlightening and beautiful, filled with meaningful interaction and heartfelt worship. It is on Easter Sunday where my family partakes in sweet traditions, a delicious meal is shared together and the church community is lively and bright.

At St. Christopher’s Burlington, Easter is an important time for the arts to express our connection with the community and with God.  

As a liturgical dancer, we spend months learning our routines, hours on our feet and wait in anticipation backstage, filled with excitement.  After all, we have been waiting since January for the time we get to spend expressing ourselves through such a unique and beautiful form of worship.  

Being able to connect with an audience – our congregation – and knowing that our art touches the hearts of so many people is one of the most important parts of Easter for me.

So, if people only focus on the part of Easter that is a glum holiday, or it is a dark time in the church, I have to remind them that Easter is a time of powerful worship, families and communities cherishing time together and rejoicing in the rebirth of Christ.

Claire Christoff, a young person, is very active at the parish, diocesan and national church levels. 

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