Experiencing Jesus differently

 on February 7, 2018

DaysofAwe_BorgDays of awe and wonder: How to be a Christian in the 21st Century
Marcus Borg (Harper One, 2017)

Collected into one book is the essence of Marcus Borg, the world’s leading spokesperson for progressive Christianity until his death in 2015, and one of the most widely respected and influential theologians of our time.

This excellent collection of sermons, talks and writings goes deep into analyzing the historical and metaphorical conceptions of Jesus.

Marcus argues many times throughout the book that the debate regarding if Jesus actually performed the miracles incorrectly overshadows the stories’ symbolic importance of Jesus as a human.

He insisted that we need to experience Jesus differently to be faithful in this day and age.
For him, Jesus comes through as a spiritual person who invites all people into lives of awe and wonder for the sake of our world.

The Reverend Rob Roi is a parish deacon at St. James’ Dundas.

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