Freedom from Judging 

 on March 2, 2023

I’m cold and I am hungry and my home is on the street,

All I can see is Judgement in the eyes of those I meet.

Their eyes say, “Why’s he living here, why is he not employed,

They do not know what happened to make my life a void.


I am a teenage runaway I’m mixed up and alone,

I just can’t find it in myself to heal things and go home.

You look at me and judge me for not being like the rest,

I am not bad, I’ll work things out, I’m trying to do my best.


I am a senior citizen in the twilight of my years,

My life’s been full of happiness  but now it’s full of fears.

Please make me feel included, my self-confidence renew.

Don’t judge my inabilities, embrace what I can do.


I am addicted, full of fear, my life is such a mess,

Don’t judge the way I’m acting or the way that I might dress.

I need to find acceptance, to get help to rise above,

Please put away your judgement and give to me your love.


I am a recent refugee, my homeland’s been destroyed,

Some judge me for the way I talk or dress and get annoyed.

I want my family to be safe to live and grow and thrive.

We want to join you, learn your ways, we’re glad to be alive.


I am the Son of Abba, did you see me in their eyes?

I came to you in many forms so you would realize.

Judgement is not for you to give, my commandment is to love.

Reach out, embrace, and do not judge; My love will rise above.

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