From The Editor

 on May 22, 2020

There are a lot of things we are missing in this pandemic. 

Sunday services in our own church seems to be the most obvious one. That, and coffee hour afterwards, where we connect with one another and hear about the week gone by and plans for the week ahead. Midweek gatherings (worship, social, business, and other) are also notable absent.

And sleep — how can I forget to mention that. I’ve not been sleeping in my usual pattern, and I know others are experiencing this as well. I have had parishioners tell me the same thing, and fellow clergy, and friends and neighbours, and participants in Zoom meetings and conference calls. Isolation brings with it exhaustion, often in the middle of the day, but nighttime sleep is elusive for many.

Our “normal” has been disrupted — and as hard as we may try to keep things the same, its obviously not possible.

On the bright side — there are many “perks” to working from home:

Even as I write, I have laundry on the go and some baking in the oven. (neither of which would be happening if I was in the church office, or doing physical home visits).

We get to worship each Sunday with our bishop (and hundreds of other members of our diocesan family)

More parish visits can be accomplished via telephone than when trying to do so in person. (and as I mentioned last month, there are now more telephone visits among the members of the congregation than usual).

Meetings are much quicker than usual because side conversations are almost impossible via Zoom, and there is no need to factor in commute time.

And naps can easily be taken when the need arises (which are needed these days, given the aforementioned sleep disruption)

And for me, at least, some of these “perks” have helped maintain my sanity in an otherwise crazy environment.

This issue features personal reflections from some of our readers as to what they are doing during this crisis. Social media is filled with stories and images of how people are filling their time, often causing others to try similar activities. And so I asked individuals what they are doing to keep balanced/busy/focused in these days. I am grateful for their contributions and, as always, am thankful for how our bishop, parishes, and people, continue to live as Church in the midst of everything.


The Reverend Rob Towler

Interim Editor

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