on March 21, 2017

1 Samuel chapters 1-3

I was once told that if a woman’s name was mentioned in the Bible, take notice.

Hannah is definitely someone of whom to take notice.

Hannah was a second wife to Elkanah, but was childless.

She went to the temple to pray to the Lord to give her a son, and in return she would give him back to the Lord for her son’s entire life. While she was praying, a priest named Eli mistakenly thought she was drunk. After explaining, they prayed together and when she returned home, she conceived and gave birth to her son, Samuel.

When Samuel was about three Hannah returned to the temple, and as promised, handed her only son over to the Lord.

Eli prayed that Hannah would have more children, and she gave birth to three more sons and two daughters.

I think many of us have promised something in return for an answered prayer, but how many of us have followed through, especially to this magnitude?

We all could be a bit more like Hannah.

Sandra Thomson, St. Catharines.

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