Hush Little Boy

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 on December 14, 2016

by Rebecca Clifford

Hush little boy, I’ll warm Your bed
A downy pillow for Your head.
So soft and gentle Your place in the hay–
And so I’d wish Your life to be.

Hang young man, upon Your cross-
The price of salvation, a princely cost.
So hard and cruel is the death You are given
To regain God’s right hand, Your seat in heaven.

Copyright: used with permission

Mary’s greatest treasure

By Rebecca Clifford

In this rude cave, cold beyond measure
Your life on earth embarks …
My child, you are my greatest treasure.
My angel, my dove, my heart.
Mon ange, il mia colomba, mi cora_on.

Were it my choice, were it in my power
I would, for you, a life of hope and cheer
In this, and every coming future hour.
My love, my darling, my dear.
Meu amor, meine Liebling, mon cher.

Your death shall mean our living;
Your destiny brings salvation for all.
Your sacrifice is our forgiving –
My boy, my child, my life, my all.
Meu menino, mi niño, mijn leven, mein alles.

Copyright – used with permission

Lullaby for the Lamb

by Rebecca Clifford

My little babe, your bed I’ll warm.
My breast and body will save from harm.
My arms will cradle you in the hay.
My wish for your life is peace and joy.
Lula lula, little one,
My dove, my heart, my own
Hush my dove, my little one, my dearest heart.

How low and mean this shelter tonight;
How strange are those who do you greet.
So blessed is your coming here on earth;
So long and awaited has been your birth.
Lula lula, little one,
My lamb, my soul, my own
Hush my lamb, my little one, my dearest heart.

Copyright: Used with permission

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