Job’s Wife

 on April 4, 2017

Job’s Wife
Job 1:13-19; 2:9

At a time when women were considered property, their status was based on marriage and reproduction; Job’s wife never lost sight of the importance of relationship. She raised to adulthood seven children who enjoyed being together (1:4).

When these seven were suddenly killed, Job is more concerned about his personal integrity and his understanding of God than he is with the impact of losing his children.

When Job’s wife calls him on his obsession with his personal integrity (2:9), his response is to call her foolish (which denotes moral deficiency). He was as good as dead to her, relationally speaking.

Who is wise in this story?

Who demonstrates God’s compassion?

Is it Job, with his model of faithfulness, or is it his nameless wife in her grief?

Brenda Morrison, Fergus.

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