Lost coin

 on March 13, 2017

Lost coin
Luke 15:8-10

This parable lies between two more famous ones—the lost sheep and the prodigal son.

All three end in a celebration and rejoicing.

One source suggests the tenth coin the woman was searching for would have been part of the jewelry given to her as a bride—so to lose one would have been shameful.

As a person who hates to lose anything I can feel for the woman’s frantic search.

During Lent we are given 40 days to search for something more in our lives—perhaps for time, more meaningful prayer or concentrated bible reading. Or like the parable of the lost son, maybe there is a relationship in your life that needs to be mended.

I hope you find time to sweep off the cobwebs and shine a light on the part of your life needing to be enhanced spiritually. Then at Easter, when the bells ring and the celebrations start, let us rejoice as the piece in our lives that was missing has been found.


Sue Carson, Dundas.

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