Lydia of Thyatira

 on March 8, 2017

Lydia of Thyatira
Acts 16:14, 15

What a pioneer Lydia is in her time!

There is not a lot to go on from our scriptural reference, but Lydia seems to take very bold steps for a woman of her day.

She is a believer and a businesswoman, which puts her in a special and unique class of women.

She deals in purple cloth, so she has many dealings with wealthy patrons.

She came with a group of women to hear Paul preach.

She has obviously been seeking something to make her life more complete and seems to find it in Paul’s teaching.

She might be a widow, as her decisiveness tells me that she does not belong to a male-dominated household.

She is so overcome with the news of Jesus Christ—she has her whole household baptized.

She encourages Paul and his entourage to stay in her home. Surely this would be unheard of! Imagine her persuasive manner (perhaps something that has made her successful in business) as she prevailed upon Paul with her hospitality.

We need more Lydias in our churches!

Suzanne Craven, Burlington.

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