Matthew 5: 21-26 – Teaching about anger

 on March 5, 2018

My Mother was born in the East End of London, the daughter of an Irish father and a Cockney mother. A single mother, she took whatever work she could to make ends meet.

When war broke out and many men left for the front, she became one of the first female bus conductors in London.

She had a big heart, and a sharp tongue on occasion. We argued a lot, but it always ended with a laugh.

When she died of an aneurism it was very quick. I flew home that night and spent time with her in the chapel. In the silence, I became aware that we had no unfinished business—just love.

Anger is easy. Reconciliation is more challenging—more so today than ever, it seems. To follow Jesus is to seek avoidance of anger, but when we are gripped by anger, we must seek genuine reconciliation as quickly as possible.

To reconcile is to allow the Holy Spirit to move between us.

The Reverend Deacon Paul K. Bates, 
Grace Church Waterdown.

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