Matthew 5:11-12 – Blessed are those persecuted for following God

 on February 27, 2018

People who stand up for their beliefs are often mocked and ridiculed by people who don’t live their lives according to God’s will. When we live up to the code Jesus defined for us, we will be rewarded.

First we must strive for inner peace by embracing the love of God and the spiritual calm that he gives us. Be honest and truthful at all times. Keep your cool when others lose theirs.

Next, we must strive for peace in all our dealings with every one we meet. We must behave with loyalty and integrity, exercising a consistency in our work, our intentions and our behavior.

We will not always agree with others but we must respect and tolerate the differences. What a person might do may not be worthy of respect, but the person always is. Find the power to forgive and forget.

Finally, we must strive to walk in the Peace of Christ, to give others a sense of our peace so that they too may begin to seek peace between others.

The Reverend Deacon Nancy McBride, 
St. Paul’s Caledonia.

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