Matthew 6:1-4 – Teaching about Charity

 on March 13, 2018

Our relationship with God calls for us to live a righteous life, one where our actions toward our neighbours are all inclusive.

The concept of alms-giving impacts our relationship with God in several ways.

When we give money or help others, we are working on our partnership with our neighbours. When we pray, we are working on our relationship with our God.

When we deny ourselves to follow more closely the way of Jesus, we act on our covenant with ourselves.

All this is private — a matter between ourselves and God.

When we act from a position of pride, we risk failing on all three aspects of our relationship. Seeking and enjoying recognition from others is not how God wants us to live. Pride creates unhappiness and keeps us from achieving inner peace—God’s peace.

Jesus reminds us that our true reward in life is our close personal communion with God.

Only God observes and evaluates all of our actions. We don’t need to worry about anyone else’s opinion.

The Reverend Deacon Nancy McBride,
 St Paul’s Caledonia.

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