Matthew 6:9-15 – Teaching about Prayer

 on March 15, 2018

I have been watching Netflix’s “A.D. Kingdom and Empire” where there is a scene leading up to Pentecost displaying the apostles praying the Lord’s Prayer.

Shockingly, they do not pray meekly, quietly, heads bowed or with any other signs of reverence. Rather, they pray it loudly, emphatically, with intense emotion and belief.

So I too tried to pray as they did; loudly, forcefully, with conviction. Chewing, like a dog chews on a bone, on every word, every phrase, every nuance, extracting every last quark of spiritual energy. And what an incredible cathartic Holy Spirit experience it was.

So now when alone with my door shut, I pray as the apostles prayed. Not so others can’t hear me. Not so I don’t appear foolish. But to pray as our Lord instructed us to pray —to pray uninhibitedly, prodding my focus to shift from me to God, letting my spiritual soul fully experience his grace.

The Reverend Deacon Heino Claessions 
St. Albans Glen Williams.

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