Matthew 7:12 – The golden rule

 on March 28, 2018

The tendency is to interpret this passage in the negative, “Don’t treat others in a way you wouldn’t want to be treated.” But to remain passive or uninvolved and simply do no evil is not enough.

Jesus calls us to DO and this implies ACTION. What action can we take that will further the Kingdom?

God’s love is freely given and so we too must freely give … of our resources, our time and ourselves.

We are reminded of the recent social phenomenon “to pay it forward”. Has this ever happened to you? Maybe you were in the drive-thru, only to learn when you reached the window that the person in the car ahead had paid for your coffee. How did it feel to be the recipient of a stranger’s generosity and kindness?

Did you ever “pay it forward”?

Jesus knows that living with an attitude of giving fills our hearts with joy.

Who will you share the joy of Christ with today?

The Reverend Deacon Sister Mary Catharine Robertson 
St. Paul’s (Glanford) Mount Hope.

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