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 on March 9, 2018

“The past year was one of growth through change for the Niagara Anglican. We are moving to address changes in the way people choose to receive their news,” Carol Summers, Chair of the Niagara Anglican Publication Board, reported to delegates attending Niagara’s annual Synod.

The blending of print and online media has been a priority, resulting in the creation of

photo: Rob Park

The page is not the key piece, rather it is a vehicle to share information through different social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) via links on the page.

The new format makes Niagara Anglican material searchable online and more accessible.

With new forms of communication came the need to re-brand, so readers could be assured the information they were receiving across various media was published by Niagara Diocese, so a new clear and easily recognizable logo was created.

The Board spends a great deal of its time discussing trends and activities within the diocese to keep the information current and relevant to readers.

The Niagara Anglican is always seeking knowledgeable writers who can shed insight into important church issues.

The Board keeps a balance between selling advertising space to assist in reducing costs and producing a paper with the maximum number of articles possible.

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