Sixty Years of Community Baby Showers in St. Catharines

 on May 19, 2023

As the decades pass, so many things change and evolve, yet other things stay the same. Sixty years ago, a group then known as the ACW Dorcas (Grace Church, St. Catharines Anglican Church Women) saw a need in the community and stepped into action. They got together to make quilts and blankets to give to new mothers. After spending all winter hard at work, they decided to show off their work and have a celebration—a baby shower to which everyone is invited.

Did they have any thoughts that sixty years later this would continue, and remain so vital? If they had been asked, they surely would have said that they prayed for the day that it is no longer needed.

That work continues today in a new century at a new parish. In 2017 Grace Church in St. Catharines amalgamated with St. George’s, and a group of parishioners have continued making and collecting items to be distributed to new mothers through a partnership with Community Care of St. Catharines and Thorold. On Sunday, May 28th at 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., the sixtieth baby shower will take place in the gym at St George’s (83 Church St., St. Catharines). Everyone is invited—it’s not just for the ladies—to come to drop off donations of new or gently used clothes and baby items such as undershirts, diapers, sleepers, receiving blankets, sweaters, bonnets, diaper cream, and soap, as well as other items for newborns. You’re also invited to look at the blankets and quilts St. George’s crafters have been making over the winter.

Over the decades, hundreds of people have helped to support the babies and new mothers in our region. The community baby shower may have started with one small group of church women, but was open to all in the community who wanted to join. When Grace joined with St. George’s the tradition continued. While we still pray that someday it will not be needed, we will continue to support the youngest of our community as long as the need is there.

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