Surviving Isolation

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 on June 1, 2020

Have you every felt like a caged animal? I am sure many of us have felt that way this past month during COVID-19. 

We have been asked to stay inside, use social distancing when it is necessary for us to go out to get groceries and help others through this time. I am very blessed that I live in a retirement home “Seasons” Stoney Creek. My meals are brought to my apartment. I get a snack mid morning and mid afternoon. The staff here are putting out more than 100% to keep us healthy and happy. We are given a sheet of jokes for the day and an activity sheet to complete. I talk with my fellow residents over the phone and we do exercises and walk in the hallway. I do Sudoku and word games on my iPad. I am reading the “Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.” I watch TV and Netflix and listen to music on Stingray on the TV. 

This, however, is not enough for me as I am a very social person and I feed off the people I am around. I am fortunate that I have my church family. We are talking to each other almost daily on the phone. I am always sending out e-blasts to our members from Rob, our Rector, with his weekly sermon and readings. I co-ordinate food deliveries from the parish freezers (for pickup or delivery by our rector and wardens), helping to make sure that our community remains fed even in isolation. I have been joining Bishop Susan each Sunday to hear her message for the week. I am in regular contact with my family and friends by FaceTime out West and up North. My Faith is very strong and I know we will come through this in time. We must just be patient, follow the guidelines and stay safe. 

Christ is Risen! Alleluia! Alleluia!

Wilma Lazenby

People’s Warden

St. John the Evangelist Church, Winona

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