The episcopal election: Thoughts from Rob Fead

Photo: Hollis Hiscock
 on March 27, 2018

The last few months have been quite a journey for me and my wife Veronica. It has been such an honour for me to be nominated as a candidate for bishop and to stand alongside the other very fine priests who made up the list of nominees. I want to thank the Electoral Synod Nominations and Planning Committee for the wonderful job they did in ensuring that the process was fair and organized.

The highlights for me were the meet and greet gatherings that took place around the diocese. I was amazed at how many people came out and participated in those events. It spoke volumes to me about how invested the people of Niagara were in this process and how seriously people were taking it even if they were not voting delegates themselves.

I cannot say enough about my fellow nominees. It is not easy for clergy in our electoral system to feel that they have to “compete” with each other for the Holy Spirit’s attention.

Every one of them conducted themselves with an amazing amount of grace and dignity.

Their graciousness certainly helped me to see the presence of the Spirit at work in what could easily become an all too human process.

Photo: Hollis Hiscock

I am so happy for Bishop-Elect Susan. I have no doubt that her ministry among us and with us will be a tremendous blessing for the Diocese of Niagara. I will always remember with thanksgiving the care and encouragement we shared with each other during the last couple of ballots.

I want to thank my Chaplain, the Reverend Will Alakas, for his tremendous encouragement and the people of St. Jude’s who were kind enough to tell me they were praying that I would not be elected.

To my wife Veronica, I simply love you more than words can say! I am so very blessed.

The Reverend Canon Rob Fead is Rector of St. Jude’s Oakville.

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