The Heartbeat of the Church

 on March 12, 2019

During the 125th anniversary of the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada, our Primate Fred Hiltz is calling all of us in the Anglican Church of Canada to come together, form conversation circles and join in dialogue, prayer and reflection. 

Conversation circles are guided by four simple steps that will help Anglicans speak from the heart about their faith: where the holy is experienced in our lives, what moves us to pray, and what makes our hearts lift—or ache.

You could explore such questions as …

  • What is the heartbeat of the church? 
  • Are we in sync with the gospel we are called to embody? 
  • In what do we rejoice? 
  • Over what must we repent? 
  • To what should we aspire? 

To read the Primate’s letter, download the Conversation Circle Guide or learn more about   The Heartbeat of the Church, go to  

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