The Little Church With A Big Heart!

 on March 31, 2020

By Peter Forsberg

The first time we came to Smithville, three years ago, we entered the town and passed by this beautiful little, white-washed church, St. Luke’s Anglican Church. We were living in Ottawa at the time. What we saw in Smithville was a community that seemed to be the ideal place in which we could settle. 

Some months later friends informed us that they were considering a move closer to Toronto, and would we be interested in buying their place in Smithville. We decided that if we wanted to get to know more about St. Luke’s Anglican Church we had better buy while the opportunity was there.

Following the close of the purchase of our new home we wasted no time driving to Smithville to open up our new residence. That was a Saturday. All we had brought with us were a few clothes and a couple of exercise mats on which to sleep – our chattels would arrive later. We got up the next morning and made our way to St. Luke’s just in time for their 9:30 AM service. At first we wondered what was going on since we couldn’t open the bright red door to enter the church…I pulled instead of pushed! We entered and sat in a pew near the rear of the congregation. All eyes were on us and we just smiled.

At the end of the service it was announced that coffee would be available for all in the parish hall; so, we decided to stay. During the coffee-hour everyone came to us and said “welcome”; and, indeed, we did feel welcomed. I had never felt such a warm welcome as I did on that Sunday morning in St. Luke’s Anglican Church.


My wife and I attend Sunday worship at St. Luke’s every week we can. The congregation is very committed to supporting the Church’s activities, from peach peeling, to putting on festive dinners, to donating to Smithville’s Community Care. We enjoy participating with the dedicated members of the congregation in the church’s activities. It is a great way for us to get to know everyone and feel an important part of the St. Luke’s family. 

St. Luke’s is, truly, the Little Church with a Big Heart!

Peter Forsberg and his wife, April, are members of the congregation of St. Luke’s (Smithville).

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