The Pandemic Church

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 on February 8, 2021
We’ll never forget this pandemic year,
 The virus brought with it isolation and fear.
 We all washed our hands fifty times every day.
 And all that we wanted was for it just to go away!
 But let’s take a moment and not look at the bad,
 Let’s look at the moments when we were made glad.
 Let’s remember the ways that we all stayed in touch
 And telling our friends we missed hugging so much!
 For months the church building wasn’t open for prayer
 But we reached out to each other with kindness and care.
 Let’s look at the way that we knew day by day,
 That Jesus was with us and it would all be okay.

 When the churches reopened many things must be changed
 No common cup, no singing and seating arranged.
 Yet still in our midst Jesus’ light brightly shone.
 And we realized… only the trimmings were gone.
 Each day morning prayer was sent to us all,
 Our Rector was there staying true to his call.
 Bible Study continued but was now e-mail sent
 And Spiritual Communion became a cherished event.
 Our churches were closed once again mid-December
 This year will be one we will always remember
 And although we're not open the church bells still ring,
 As together apart we welcome our King.
 For we are His church and not the buildings that hold us
 We are His children and his love will uphold us
 The Light of His presence shines brightly each day,
 And the warmth of His love will show us the way. 
 So just maybe the pandemic has taught us some good,
 About loving and caring as Jesus taught us, we should.
 That Jesus is with us all the time everyday
 And no pandemic or crisis can ever keep him away.
 By Bev Groombridge,
 Rector’s Warden
 The Church of Our Saviour The Redeemer.
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