The Widow of Zarephath

 on March 23, 2017

The Widow of Zarephath
1 Kings 17:7-24

The Widow of Zarephath was in despair.

There was famine in the land.

She and her son were starving, on the verge of death. A strange man approached her, asking for water and food. Despite her dire circumstances, she offered hospitality to this foreigner. She shared all her remaining food and invited him into her household.

She did not know that God had chosen her to provide for Elijah, yet she recognized God in him: “As the Lord your God lives.” She trusted Elijah’s words.

By her act of hospitality and sharing, she and her son were saved.

Her faith was tested when her son became ill and died.

Elijah pleaded with God, and her son was restored to life. She acknowledged God’s work in this miraculous act.

Jesus recalls this widow’s story in the first sermon of his ministry (Luke 4:25-26).

Her example of trust and hospitality can guide us when we face times of despair or have opportunities to share with those in need.

Unexpected blessings can spring from such faith and generosity.

Betty Chandler, Hornby.

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