Three Days

photo: Rob Park
 on April 10, 2020

by Angela Rush
Three long days of mourning, could it truly be.
He would rise as He said, resurrection sets us free.

Surely they felt broken, as they turned away.
Even Peter turned his back, ”I do not know him I say”,

They flogged Him and they beat Him, nailed to a cross for all to see.
Crucified in His crown of thorns they set Him high on Calvary.

Some gathered just to mock Him, His blood dripping to the ground.
Heaven’s sinful suffering, for all of those around.

Darkness covered all the land, from noon until hour three,
Then Jesus cried out to our God, “Why have You forsaken Me”.

How did they feel that very moment, to watch Him die and feel Him leave.
Three days, they must have thought, wondering, do I truly believe.

Joseph took His broken bod and laid Him in a stone carved tomb.
The Prince of Peace, He was the Christ, born of a virgin’s womb.

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