Through a Canadian stained glass window – John West

 on November 15, 2017

by Catherine Bell

JohnWestJohn West was educated at Oxford, ordained a priest in 1806 and settled into the life of a typical English clergyman.

He accepted a chaplaincy with the Hudson’s Bay Company in 1820 through The Canadian Missionary Society.

However, as he was devoting more time on his mission to non-Christian natives than to his duty to the Hudson’s Bay Company, the Company used its influence to have him recalled to England.

Two years later he came back to Canada as a Missionary, but returned to England within twelve months.

He served parishes in England until his death in 1845.

Catherine Bell is a member of the Church of the Ascension Hamilton.

As we celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary, we look back at the role of the church as told through stained glass windows.

The Church of the Ascension Hamilton has 10 stained glass windows in their Chapel of the Holy Spirit dedicated to Canadian Anglican pioneers. For more information about the windows go to

Note cards featuring the historic windows can be purchased through the church.

The Niagara Anglican will conclude this series next month.

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