Who is the true God?

 on April 12, 2019

god-is-not-a-christian-nor-a-jew-muslim-hindu-9781416584445_hrGod Is Not a Christian, Nor a Jew, Muslim, Hindu … God Dwells With Us, in Us, around Us, as Us

by Carlton Pearson (Atria Paperback, 2010)

Rob Roi

In the preface the author writes, “Christian, Jewish, and Islamic theologies teach us that we are all created in the image and likeness of God. If this is even close to the truth, then to believe in God is to believe in yourself — in your own soul.”

Bishop Carlton Pearson dares to ask questions we Christians don’t ask, or even think about: What is God? Where is God? Who is the true God? Questions about the divinity of Jesus, and the real political motives of the church. He claims that living in Christ consciously has nothing to do with rules, rites or rituals, and even less to do with what has become to be known as Christianity.

Bishop Pearson respects the bible, pointing out that it is a book of history and allegory — a book of myth, magic, and miracles that sheds light on our interpretations of God and the actual, unfiltered wisdom of Jesus.

The Bishop ends his book with, ”No, God is not a Christian, nor a Jew, Muslim, or Hindu, but you can be one, or anything else you’re inclined to be, as long as you don’t let whatever that is obscure the magnificent, mystical, and transcendent spirit you are and will always be!”

The Reverend Rob Roi is a parish deacon at St. James’ Dundas.

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