YLTP — Equipping youth for leadership

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 on January 23, 2018

Niagara’s Youth Leadership Training Program (YLTP) equips young people to take active leadership roles in their churches, schools and communities.

YLTP’s mission involves having fun with good friends, understanding and practising service to others, enriching one’s spiritual life through Christian worship and study, working with others in an intentional safe community, enhancing leadership and related skills and articulating a sense of personal identity, awareness and mission.

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The young people are asked to commit themselves for three years of training, including residential sessions during March Break in each of the three years, and attending a fall overnight planning session prior to year three. In addition, they are to participate actively throughout each year in at least one parish, school or community activity or organization, as well as keep in contact with their YLTP staff advisors.

First year applicants must be between 12 (Grade 7) and 15 years, and recommended by their rector.

Once you’re accepted into Year One (with 12 youth), you’re automatically registered for years two and three.

In 2018, YLTP is scheduled for March 11–14 with January 31 as the deadline for applications.

Su McLeod is Program Consultant, Children, Youth and Family Ministry in Niagara Diocese. For more information or to receive an application form, contact Su at 905-527-1316 (430 ) 

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