• John Bowen

    John Bowen is Professor Emeritus of Evangelism at Wycliffe College in Toronto, where he was also the Director of the Institute of Evangelism. Before that, he worked a campus evangelist for Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship. For over thirty years, John has been a popular speaker, teacher, and preacher, on university campuses, in churches and in classrooms, and at conferences, across Canada and the USA. His most recent book is The Unfolding Gospel: How the Good News Makes Sense of Discipleship, Church, Mission, and Everything Else (Fortress 2021).


Faith, part 3: Faith and Risk-taking

We have a tendency to tame the Bible—indeed, to tame Jesus. As one friend says, “Jesus was not your average Rotarian.” Life is safer and

Faith, part 2: Faith and The Faith

 Until then, we had done no more than exchange pleasantries on a Sunday morning. But one day Catherine asked if she could talk to me.

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Everything is Connected: but How?

  What holds everything together? For many of us, the Christian faith is made up of fragments. Over here is the story of David and

Who needs the church?

Business guru Peter Drucker used to advise every organisation to ask itself, “What business are we in?” So what exactly is the business of the

What On Earth Is “Discipleship”?

The bishop of another diocese told me she was once preaching about discipleship in one of her churches. After the service, a parishioner came up

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