Who needs the church?

Business guru Peter Drucker used to advise every organisation to ask itself, “What business are we in?” So what exactly is the business of the

What On Earth Is “Discipleship”?

The bishop of another diocese told me she was once preaching about discipleship in one of her churches. After the service, a parishioner came up

Ignatius for Anglicans? Part 3

In two earlier installments (Summer and September 2019), John maintained that a 16th century Roman Catholic has something to offer Christians today and described the

Ignatius for Anglicans? Part 2

John Bowen In the first installment of this three-part series (Niagara Anglican, Summer 2019), John wrote, “A 16th century Roman Catholic has something surprising to

Ignatius for Anglicans?

How do you nurture your spiritual life moment by moment? A 16th century Roman Catholic has something surprising to offer to Christians of different traditions,

The four kinds of leader we need: part one

Leadership comes in many shapes and sizes. Different situations call for different styles of leadership. What types of leader does the church need right now?

Healthy Leaders, Deepening Mission

“I can use all the help I can get!” one church leader told me. Kevin Martin, former Dean of the Episcopal Cathedral in Dallas, now

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