Parish Mission Action Plans Blooming Across Diocese

 on August 18, 2022

Parishes across the Diocese have been gathering to generate unique Mission Action Plans, setting a course for action and reflection, and for renewal and mission. Congregations of all sizes and stages are launching initiatives that will deepen adult faith formation, reshape parish culture to enhance mission, and promote the fullness of life in their neighbourhoods. A Mission Action Plan is a tool to help parishes identify God’s unique call to mission for each parish, focusing on each parish’s strengths, gifts, and passions.

What are some of the initiatives emerging from this prayerful discernment?

  • Demystify language and rituals so people have a deeper understanding of what they say and do.
  • Create small discussion groups to build relationships around shared interests with faith woven throughout.
  • Create space outside parish walls where it is safe to encounter God and the Holy Spirit.
  • Plan events that connect each parish to its area’s historians, poets, musicians, and artisans.
  • Develop a community music program
  • Partner with local schools around climate action.
  • Develop a multilingual welcoming process to reflect our community.
  • Participate in community cleanup efforts as a church
  • Help parishioners and community members engage with spiritual practices.
  • Review and share ministry descriptions to expand participation.
  • Highlight a phrase of the week that people can reflect on in relation to their daily lives, and discuss at social hour.
  • Hold a monthly labyrinth walk with different facilitators open to whole community.
  • Monitor our back door; follow up with those who’ve left, for feedback and closure.
  • Find new ways to welcome and integrate seekers and newcomers.
  • Carry out an “environmental scan” of our building to assess how we can better reflect our values to people passing by or coming through our space, including signs, symbols, artwork & other media.
  • Engage with the Invite Welcome Connect program to enhance how we interact with each other and with newcomers.


Letters have gone out to qualifying parishes confirming their DMM rebates for missional ministry but the fund is still flush. Make sure that your parish finishes the four session MAP process and submits all the documentation to Canon Christyn Perkons before December 1st (rebates dispersed on a first-come basis).

The Parish Mission Action Plan Guide, the MAP template, and the rebate requirements can be found at

Questions and concerns can be addressed to Christyn Perkons.

  • Christyn Perkons

    Christyn Perkons is Director of Congregational Support and Development for the Diocese of Niagara. work is oriented towards supporting parishes in their journey towards becoming mission-oriented, healthy, and viable communities of disciples. She assists parishes with clarity of vision, deepening of mission, radical hospitality, faith development, spiritual growth, volunteer recruitment and management, and strategic planning. This work happens through workshops, consultations, training sessions, and resource provision. Christyn also oversees the diocesan Natural Church Development ministry as well as volunteer CSD consultants; both re-emerging programs.

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