• Max Woolaver

    The Venerable Max Woolaver is rector of St. Andrew's, Grimsby. He is also an avid singer/songwriter as well as a retreat leader. Max was ordained in the Diocese of Niagara in 1986 and received his M.Div. from Wycliffe College, University of Toronto; he also studied at the Shalem Institute of Spiritual Formation.


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Acting a Fool

A very serious decision was called for … and quickly. I was hurtling down a steep well-polished bannister, side-saddle, over steep marble stairs. Only seconds

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An Ancient Present Again

“Old men ought to be explorers…” wrote T.S. Eliot in the East Coker section of the Four Quartets. I have been feeling very much like

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The Sleepless Benedictine

Pretty well everyone I know is not sleeping well. There are myriad reasons for this. Would you like me to list them just to make

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Holy Seeing: A Visual Invitation to Prayer

These are days of crushing anxiety. The stack of paralyzing medical, social, political and environmental issues weigh heavy on the heart and soul. St. Paul

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The School of Dance

Ray (not his real name) is a great friend of mine. He is a fine visual artist, a lover of music with a wicked sense

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Who Chopped Down the Family Tree?

As I stood before the withering fire of her spoken history a cavern of loneliness opened up within me. She stood eye to eye with

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A World to Live in

It’s the bottom of the 10th in the nail biting 2011 Texas Rangers/St. Louis Cardinals World Series. Game 6. The Rangers lead the series 3-2

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A Room of One’s Own — Part 2

Great books can launch great adventures! In this particular case, The Collected Works of St. John of the Cross and Spiritual Friend by Tilden Edwards. 

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Proverbs 8:22 (New Jerusalem Bible) “Yahweh created me, first fruits of his fashioning, before the oldest of his works. From everlasting I was firmly set,

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Now Playing: On the Road

In 1969, I hitchhiked to Toronto from Digby, NS. I had heard the call of the global youth movement. The siren call was irresistible to

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Ellen and I were with friends, enjoying ourselves and engaged in a fun, fast moving conversation. And then, like a boulder falling from the sky,

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